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Steps To Prepare Your Trees For The Spring Season

Every change in season, whether it is winter or summer, brings a change in nature too. The arrival of spring season also changes nature and affects the trees. Therefore, it is essential for you to ensure that your trees are prepared for spring arrival with the help of expert arborists for healthy trees through tree shaping services in Brisbane. Read on to learn the tips to shape up your tree and prepare them for the spring. 

How To Prepare Your Trees For Spring?

Spring means entering the new year of seasons, which calls for an annual cleaning of your home thoroughly, which also involves your trees. With the dead leaves, winter mulch, and coverings, dust and debris need to be removed from the tree and disposed of appropriately. You also need to remove the weeds. The beginning of the spring may have one or two weeds, but as you go further into the spring season, weeds can take over. Make sure you are pulling out the weeds from the roots while weeding to completely remove them with the help of tree removal Brisbane

Add Some Mulch

To prevent the growth of weeds and keep the moisture intact, apply 2-4 inches of mulch to your trees. Using organic food is an ideal option for the health of your trees as it will ensure protection and prevent the loss of nutrients and water. 

Apply Fertiliser

With the shift from the colder season to summer, the trees begin to recover themselves from the influence, which is a great time to apply fertilisers. The fertilisers can help to boost the growth of your tree and allow it to bloom in the prime time of spring. Apply the fertiliser with a slow release to let the trees receive the nutrients throughout the spring season and enable them to build resistance towards pests and disease. 

Create A Watering Schedule

Just like us, trees also need a significant amount of water. Not being watered at the right time is one of the common causes of tree death. As you move into the spring, the weather will turn warmer, and you will need to create a watering schedule for your trees. The technique of watering will completely depend upon the growth of your tree. The trees of younger age require water near the trunk as the roots of the tree would have spread so far. However, with a more established tree, it is ideal to prevent watering directly on the trunk and in a wide circle. As the roots of an established tree spread to a wider area, it is essential that the water reaches the root to ensure the growth and good health of the tree. It is ideal to let the water reach the roots but not to deep water less frequently with the help of tree shaping services in Brisbane

Prune Your Trees

Pruning of the tree with the help of tree removal Brisbane is necessary while preparing it for the spring. Pruning is a method of removing dead branches to enable good growth of your tree. It is ideal to contact professional tree shaping services in Brisbane to prevent any damage to the trees while pruning.Nature is beautiful in itself. However, it is our responsibility to maintain its good health. Spring is the season for the trees to flourish. Therefore, it is ideal to prepare them before spring’s arrival to allow them to grow big and beautiful without any complications. In case a tree is about to die, you can contact Tree Removal Brisbane to ensure its safe removal and appropriate disposal.

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