Identify The Dying Palm Tree and Essential Steps to Rescue It

Having a classic palm tree in your Australian backyard is more like having treasure at your place. It looks great and adds the beauty and feel of the house. What if your palm is no more in good health or might be dying, then you may leave with questions like what are the possibilities to revive it. Being expert arborists at Budget Tree Removal, we will explain here the important points to spot the health of your palm tree and the steps that should be taken to rescue it.

Identification of the Dying Palm Tree

You saw some dead or decayed parts of the palm tree but are still unsure whether the tree is dead or potentially dying. Then, in that case, you can check the below-mentioned signs of the unhealthy or dying palm tree.

  • No New Growth- If your palm tree is in good health then definitely it must have new fronds coming from the crown. But if the fronds are dead or dried and even no fronds are coming then definitely it is a sign that your palm tree is dying or may be already dead.
  • Fronds Turned Yellow or Brown- Having yellow and brown fronds is an obvious sign that a dead and dying palm tree or tree is unhealthy. A healthy tree must have green fronds, so keep track of your palm tree fronds’ health, you need to know the color of the fronds.
  • Brittle Or Dry Fronds- Not just the right color but the dry and brittle fronds show the bad health of Australian palm trees. One should inspect the fronds from time to time and check and remove the dry and brittle fronds.

What Can Be the Reason for Dying Palm Tree?

There may be some reason that your favourite palm tree is dying. To deal with this issue one should keep the focus on the root cause of the problem. Some of the common ones among all are:

  • Watering Too Much or Too Less- A very common cause of the dying palm tree is if you are not watering the palm tree the correct way. When you are not watering the palm means you are neglecting it, especially in the warm weather, and then it will have some wilted with curled up leaves. On the other hand, if you are giving your palm tree too much water then the roots will waterlog and the leaves will turn brown or yellow. Also, when you water too shallow then you will see a soggy and wet topsoil. So, keeping track of the fronds and soil of the palm tree will help you get the condition your palm tree is facing and possibly take steps to deal with the issue.
  • Low-Quality Soil- Having low-quality soil can ruin the health of your palm tree into a dying tree. Check for the soil if it is too acidic then can damage it. A palm tree grows well with a well-draining little acidic to neutral pH for palm tree growth.
  • Low in Nutrients- Every palm requires calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium in a balanced amount for complete growth. When your palm tree is lacking with any of the amount then can end up in a dead or dying tree. You can seek advice from trained arborists so they will suggest to you the right fertilizers in the right amount to give back the right health.
  • Getting Too Much or Too Less Sunlight- Every tree requires the right amount of sunlight for proper growth and a palm tree may have a lack of balance sometimes with the amount of sunlight it is getting. If your young palm tree is getting direct sunlight then can get sunburnt. Every tree’s sunlight requirement is based on its type and variety so to keep that in good health one should follow the specified schedule for that. Do some research or seek professional guidance from the arborists for the same.
  • Check For the Pests or Disease- A tree disease or infection from pests can end up in dead or dying palms. Make sure you regularly check your trunk, leaves, and fronds of the tree and give it the specified treatment if found any.

Is it Possible to Save a Dying Palm Tree?

If you identify that your palm tree is not in good health or dying then you still have a chance to revive it. Prepare a plan for palm tree maintenance. Prepare the right course of action based on the amount of damage, the root cause of the issue, and using the right treatment. If you find it difficult to achieve then can hire expert tree arborists near you to help you deal with this serious situation. They will guide you with the right plan and use of nutrients and fertilizers for life revival. If revival is not possible for the case, then it will be safely removed to safeguard your surroundings.


Plam tree is popular in Australia and thus many of the households have the same. To ensure its good health and long life you can use the above-mentioned tips and techniques and check for the cause of the problem (if any). If you find any difficulty then no worries as being expert arborists near you, Budget Tree Removal will take the best care of your palm tree. For more information and personalized services, feel free to give us a call today!

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