How To Prevent Tree Roots From Growing Back

Removal of dead trees with the help of tree removal Brisbane is important. However, if you think that chopping the dead, unhealthy or hazardous tree gets the job done, then you are mistaken. While removing the stump of the dead tree, it is essential to make sure that the roots of the trees are also removed, as they can grow back again and damage your property. 

The unhealthy trees tend to steal water and essential nutrients from all the other healthy trees. These trees grow their roots freely, which can lead to various problems, such as damage to your home or garden. The extended roots can lead to cracks in the foundation of your home and disrupt the utility pipes. Therefore, the best thing to do is to prevent the roots from growing back with the help of tree shaping services in Brisbane

Read on to learn about the ways to prevent the roots of the tree from growing back and experience the benefits of hiring a professional tree removal in Brisbane

Steps To Prevent The Tree Roots From Growing Back

Pruning The Roots

The first step that you can follow to prevent the roots from growing back and damaging your home or garden is to prune the roots. You can prune the roots depending on their size and thickness. The roots can usually be pruned using a pair of garden secateurs, but if the roots are larger in size and more established, then they may need to be cut with a chainsaw with the help of tree removal Brisbane.

Stump Removal

If a part of your stump remains after tree removal, you may find out that the roots of the tree keep on growing. The growth and expansion of the roots can be prevented by removing the stump. There are two main methods to execute the process: stump poisoning and stump grinding.

Stump Poisoning Includes the application of chemicals to the stump that deteriorates the roots and the stump in the span of a few months. This is an easy method that is less disruptive. However, the stump and the roots will still remain in the ground, impacting the appearance of your home and garden. 

To remove the stump completely from the ground along with the roots, you can opt for a stump grinding method. Professional tree removers use a grinder machine with a powerful rotating disc to cut the stump and grind it into wood chips. This method entirely removes the tree stump and helps to prevent the regrowth of the roots. 

Removing The Roots

Now that you have removed the stump of the dead or unhealthy tree, the roots may still continue to grow back. This happened because even when the roots have no trees or stump, they can expand for support.

In this condition, the ideal thing to do is to eliminate the roots from the core to prevent it from growing back. The cutting of the roots can be done by digging deep down into the core and removing the roots with secateurs or a chainsaw, extracting them from the soil completely with the help of tree shaping services in Brisbane. Once the roots are removed, ensure an appropriate disposal. 
There can be a number of common causes of tree death for which you may need to remove the tree, as the dead tree can cause various problems. With the help of professional tree removal Brisbane, you can ensure the complete removal of the tree and protect your home or garden from any potential damage.

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