Absolutely! At Budget Tree Removal, we offer comprehensive tree services, and that includes efficient tree stump removal. We are aware that those unattractive tree stumps may be a nuisance, as they occupy precious space and provide the possibility of risks. Our experienced team utilizes specialized equipment to remove tree stumps safely and effectively, leaving your landscape looking clean and well-manicured.

Whether you have recently had a tree removed or you are dealing with old stumps that have been an eyesore for ages, we have got the skills and tools to get the job done. Our procedure of removing stumps is thorough, which guarantees that there will be no residues left behind. Additionally, we take great care to minimise any damage that may be made to the landscape that is around your property.

Tree pruning and tree lopping are two different practices when it comes to tree care. While tree pruning involves the removal of dead branches, diseased parts, and overgrown limbs to promote healthy growth and prevent potential hazards, tree lopping refers to the removal of large sections of a tree’s crown or branches.

The main difference between pruning and lopping lies in the extent of the removal. Pruning focuses on selective and careful removal of specific branches to maintain the tree’s health and structure, while lopping involves more aggressive cutting, often resulting in large wounds that can be detrimental to the tree’s overall health.

The answer is yes; we do provide emergency storm work services, and our emergency teams are available around the clock during storm intervals. You may get in touch with our operations managers by dialling 0474 011 120. They will decide for a team to visit with you as soon as they potentially can.
Once we complete the job of removing your trees, we will also take care of removing any resulting waste. Our staff will dispose of branches, trunks, and waste environmentally. We value sustainability and recycle or utilise tree waste wherever possible. As a responsible and reliable tree removal service, we understand the importance of providing a seamless experience from start to finish.
We are glad to say that we have no claims. The first time around, we would want to have the work done correctly!
It is possible that you are unsure of what steps to take next if a storm has caused damage to your tree. Assessing the level of damage is the first stage. Take a careful look at the tree and check for any broken or hanging branches, splits in the trunk, or uprooting. If the damage is minor, you can prune the broken branches or use cables to secure the tree and prevent further damage. But if the tree is severely damaged or about to fall, call a professional arborist. They have the skills and tools to remove the tree safely and without damage. Remember, proper care and maintenance of your trees before a storm can help minimize damage, so it is recommended to regularly inspect and prune them.
Yes, we provide free tree removal and maintenance quotations. Our organisation values openness and empowering consumers to make choices. To estimate tree removal, we examine the tree’s size, location, and condition. Our professional arborists will assess the tree and provide an estimate that includes all aspects of the removal process, such as cutting, hauling, and stump removal if required. Our knowledgeable team will evaluate the health and growth pattern of the trees to determine the best course of action
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