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Highly experienced team of tree removal in Virginia. Providing specialist tree removal, tree cutting, tree pruning, stump grinding and mulching in Brisbane and surrounding areas for over 1 years. Get in touch with us today to discuss your tree removal requirements.

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Budget Tree Removal is the leading and most recognisable name in tree lopping and tree removal in Brisbane, and also specialise in stump grinding and removal, mulching, and pruning. Our tree-cutting and lopping services are delivered by highly trained arborists at affordable prices. We understand the importance of proper tree care, which is why we’re dedicated to taking care of trees, the environment, and the people that live around them. We are experts in our work and our dedication towards work completion makes us a favourite choice by clients. Our team is trained with safety guidelines so there is no need to worry about the safety requirements. Our work, we have a powerful base of loyal customers who are highly satisfied with our work. Discover the difference and get in touch today.

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    Expert Tree Removal Services

    We are a Brisbane-based company offering top-notch personalised services to Brisbane and surrounding areas.

    Tree Removal

    We offer our clients the best complete tree removal services for their residential and commercial properties.

    Tree Pruning & Shaping

    We specialize in pruning and trimming trees understand your special requirements and offer you custom solutions.

    Tree Stump Grinding

    Stump grinding is an effective method for tree removal using machinery to grind off the stump of a tree.

    Palm Tree Removal

    Budget Tree Removal will help you with palm removal from your residential and official space.

    Overhanging Branched

    Overhanging branches can be dangerous and they’re also an eyesore. If any of your trees are overhanging other properties.

    Having Solutions for Your Tree Problems

    Get Quick, Safe, and Affordable Tree Services Available at A Call

    Having large, unsafe, and unwanted trees at your place and you want to remove them, then budget tree removal in Virginia and surrounding areas will be your one-stop solution. We are well-known tree arborists offering you customised services under budget.

    Why We're #1 Option for Tree Removal in Brisbane?

    Budget Tree Removal is a Brisbane-based expert tree arborist having expertise in dealing with any tree removal, stump grinding, tree mulching, and tree pruning services. Since our launch, we have managed to deliver several projects that gave us a lot of positive feedback from previous clients:
    • Family Owned and Operated
    • Quality Equipment and Machinery
    • Licensed and Accredited Tree Arborists
    • No Hidden Charges Include
    • Emergency Tree Removal
    • Claim-Free Insurance Record

    Benefits Of Tree Pruning And Shaping

    A beautiful tree can add aesthetic appeal to your landscape and keeping that tree in top condition will help extend its life and health. By enlisting the help of a professional you can be sure that your trees are well cared for and have the best opportunity to thrive in any season. Whilst simple, knowing how to correctly trim and prune trees to promote growth and minimise risks of disease is a specialist area and requires a deep knowledge of horticulture in general and different tree species specifically. Our team can help you understand more about the trees on your property and give you advice on how best care for them. We gain so much from trees both in the wild and in our yards. Whether they are providing privacy, shade or a striking statement visually, it is important that you invest the time and effort into correctly caring for them to ensure they are healthy and thriving.

    Trusted by thousand of people & companies.

    jagmeet preet
    jagmeet preet
    very favorable team and service, a big grin came on my face after the results. They gave very reasonable prices and also in a fit budget.
    Pawan bista
    Pawan bista
    Budget tree removal efficiently removed 3 trees from my garden. Despite their affordability, their service was thorough and left my garden clean and tidy
    Christopher Navin
    Christopher Navin
    Preet and his team provided an outstanding service at a brilliant price when compared to others. All required trees and roots were removed and no damage to trees required to remain. The property left clean and tidy with no damage to existing brick garden edging. Highly responsive to communications with easy payment of account. I definitely recommend Preet and the team to anyone needing tree/root removal.
    Daniel Paton
    Daniel Paton
    Highly recommend, great service and at a very reasonable price. Quality work and tidy too!
    Sarah Watkin
    Sarah Watkin
    Extremely happy with the price and the service. Wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys again or recommend them. Thanks for making my yard look less like a jungle!
    Nish K
    Nish K
    Efficient and professional. Prices are a lot more reasonable than other tree cutting companies. Cut down 2 trees, ground down the stump, and cleaned up the debris. Very happy!
    Angela reina cortes
    Angela reina cortes
    Neil and the rest of the team are great professionals. I won’t never forget the help they offered to me and my friends; they went above and beyond until they knew our problem was solved. I am very grateful with Budget Tree Removal, they’re the best ones.
    Jasper Emmanuel Justus
    Jasper Emmanuel Justus
    Our big old tree (photo attached) main branch came down in the last storm, which was posing safety risk. We contacted few tree arborist but the quote was way too high to prune and clear the cuttings. I contacted Budget Tree Removal, who inspected and gave me an affordable reasonable quote and scheduled to come as a priority to address the safety issues for me. His team did an outstanding job, and was highly knowledgeable. They were respectful of their own safety and also respectful of people, surrounding neighbours yard. They had the right skills, tools and equipments to carry out the job safely. It was a one long day job but promptly started early and finished on time. They left a very clean yard and pathway afterwards. Satisfied outcome. Couldn't recommend more.
    Jai Boora
    Jai Boora
    Budget tree removal done best service, work they have done deserve more than 5 star. Easy to deal with best price work done on time and professionally
    Naga P
    Naga P
    I am very happy with the service provided by Preet. We have had a tree removed at our place, including the stump grinding done by Preet cleanly at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend his service.
    Tree Removal in Brisbane
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      Tips to keep the surroundings clean

      Absolutely! At Budget Tree Removal, we offer comprehensive tree services, and that includes efficient tree stump removal. We are aware that those unattractive tree stumps may be a nuisance, as they occupy precious space and provide the possibility of risks. Our experienced team utilizes specialized equipment to remove tree stumps safely and effectively, leaving your landscape looking clean and well-manicured.

      Whether you have recently had a tree removed or you are dealing with old stumps that have been an eyesore for ages, we have got the skills and tools to get the job done. Our procedure of removing stumps is thorough, which guarantees that there will be no residues left behind. Additionally, we take great care to minimise any damage that may be made to the landscape that is around your property.

      Tree pruning and tree lopping are two different practices when it comes to tree care. While tree pruning involves the removal of dead branches, diseased parts, and overgrown limbs to promote healthy growth and prevent potential hazards, tree lopping refers to the removal of large sections of a tree’s crown or branches.

      The main difference between pruning and lopping lies in the extent of the removal. Pruning focuses on selective and careful removal of specific branches to maintain the tree’s health and structure, while lopping involves more aggressive cutting, often resulting in large wounds that can be detrimental to the tree’s overall health.

      The answer is yes; we do provide emergency storm work services, and our emergency teams are available around the clock during storm intervals. You may get in touch with our operations managers by dialling 0474 011 120. They will decide for a team to visit with you as soon as they potentially can.
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